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During my oculofacial plastic surgery training in West Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, I became keenly aware of the privacy needs of A-list celebrity patients and other clients who require utmost discretion.  After moving to Seattle, I have continued to offer private services for clients including multi-billion dollar corporate executives, public figures, and anyone who prefers in-home procedures and consultations.  I am accustomed to working with personal assistants to coordinate services and confidentiality is ALWAYS maintained.  Please call or email for available services, fees, and to schedule.  I will do my very best to accommodate your needs whether you'd like to host a toxin & filler party, have me provide a lecture & product demo, or you simply prefer to see me from the comfort of home.  

The eyes convey so much...emotion, energy, age, feelings, memories...the list goes on. Patients often seek help when their eyes no longer "send the right message." Their eyes look older, angrier, more tired than they feel. During your consultation with Dr. Chang, she will explain the anatomic changes she sees in the eyelid tissues and design your treatment plan. Modern eyelid surgery has evolved into a sophisticated three-dimensional surgery extending beyond “cutting out extra skin” that traditionally left patients with tightness and restricted movement and expression. Now, micro-incisions placed along the natural lines of the eyelid, combined with tissue augmentation in areas of deficiency and excision in areas of redundancy, are used to achieve rejuvenation in this delicate area of the face.  In select cases, reinforcement of weakened muscles (ptosis repair) can improve functional outcomes and recreate an open and youthful appearance. 

Dr. Chang combines muscle modulators (Botox®, for example) and volumizing agents to revolutionize treatment of the aging forehead. Surgery, however, remains the most powerful way to lift the forehead, with precise control of tissues and longer lasting results. Depending on the extent of tissue descent and desired appearance, various surgical approaches including small incision direct brow lift, endoscopic forehead lift, or pretrichial forehead lift may be used. Brow and forehead surgery are usually performed in conjunction with eyelid and facelift surgeries to create a balanced rejuvenative effect across the face. They can, however, be used in isolation to address gravitational descent, create symmetry of facial features, and improve functional imbalance following facial palsy.

Face and necklift surgery, when performed correctly, is far more complex than simply pulling the skin taught to give a “windswept” appearance.  Armed with detailed knowledge of how the face ages at multiple different levels (loss of skin elasticity, muscle weakening, fat prolapse and bony asymmetry) and her bias toward a natural refreshing aesthetic, Dr. Chang performs face and necklift surgery by supporting deeper structures of the face, transferring abdominal fat as needed to restore youthful volume, and smoothing the skin though incisions hidden behind the hairline and ears. 

Neurotoxins (Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®), dermal fillers (the Restylane® and Juvederm® family of products as well as others like Belotero®, Radiesse®, Sculptra®, Versa®), lipo-dissolving agents, thread lift, vein sclerosis, and skin resurfacing are some of the nonsurgical rejuvenation tools Dr. Chang has at her disposal. The magic and aesthetic power of these tools, however, lay in their masterful use by an expert anatomist who can use the least amount of product possible to achieve maximum benefit; someone adept at combining products for a greater synergistic and balanced effect. Using as little product as possible to achieve maximum effect simply makes sense to avoid medical complications and save money for patients. Dr. Chang enjoys nonsurgical rejuvenation the way an artist enjoys using various tools to create immediate, natural, and pleasing three dimensional contours. At the same time, Dr. Chang respects these tools as medical devices and recognizes their potential for complications.  Her research on filler-related complications has earned her international recognition and awards.

Fat transfer is a powerful way to replenish youthful volume to the face without the need for repeated synthetic filler injections. The fat is suctioned from the abdomen or thighs through small hidden incisions, immediately processed, then injected into the desired location. Facial fat transfer is commonly performed at the same time as other facial procedures to achieve utmost rejuvenation, but can also be used in patients who suffer from post-traumatic deformities or disease-induced lipoatrophy.

Coming to plastic surgery from a background of microsurgical training in ophthalmology, Dr. Chang is an expert in the treatment of eyelid & orbital disease.  The scope of Dr. Chang’s reconstructive surgery practice includes removal of eyelid growths, repair of Mohs (skin cancer surgery) defects, treatment of tear duct obstruction, removal of orbital tumors, orbital fracture repair, and rehabilitative surgery in patients with thyroid eye disease.

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